Design engineering of plastic injection molding tools

Architecture of a tool for plastic injection molding.

Based on the product design, material selection and the quantity of parts to be produced we join with you in setting the design engineering parameters for the plastic injection molding form.

Our experienced engineers develop the architecture and the structure of the form (tool) for the plastic injection molding process, i.e. for the plastic part production.

Experience and mastery of the design engineering tools are required at this stage. The engineering of a form for the injection molding process determines productivity, durability and - decisively - the quality of every single plastic product or article made with this tool.

Whoever tries to save money at this point soon realizes the mistake he has made. It is true that tools from the Far East are often (but not always!) significantly cheaper - but the contractor often pays dearly for this "saving". We know from experience that these forms are made of cheap materials, are not properly hardened, and the accuracy of the individual form nests or cavities does not meet the standards expected here - in the region Lake Constance / the Rhine Valley in Switzerland and Vorarlberg / southern Germany. High scrap rates, low productivity and expensive reworking are the result.

Good reasons for going straight away to the expert on your doorstep.