Nail polish color cards

Nagellack Farbkarten

The challenge we meet for nail polish color cards is to make a clear presentation of our range of colors – including glitter nail polish colors, paintbrush colors, French Manicure or your own special nail polish colors.

We have a range of displays and systems for presenting our nail polish colors.

Acrylic cards

These are suitable for unusual forms and small order quantities. Using our laser cutter we cut out the form cards and apply to them your nails in the colors you have approved, and then add the color names or numbers with our digital printer.

Nail cards produced by injection molding

For order quantities of over 5,000 for a card form it is more economic to use the injection molding process. The cards can then be embellished by means of digital printing, hot film embossing or pad printing.

Nail slots

Up to 120 colors can be presented in adequately sized slots within a small total space.

Dual-choice system

Choice between: application of nail polish or the purchase of plastic nails sprayed with the desired color.