Color displays - nail polish and lipstick stands at the POS

color displays

Nail polish and lipstick displays are professionally presented in plastic stands for the cosmetic industry.

Nail polish color cards, lipstick testers, nail polish color slots, displays for nail polish and lipsticks - all of these in small order quantities too; however always in a professional design, as to be expected from wamplPLASTIC.

As the globally leading manufacturer of color presentation systems for the cosmetic industry we know the requirements on displays for lipstick and nail polish or nail polish colors. Absolutely color fast, a look and feel one expects from the presentation of well-known brands, shortest possible delivery lead times and a hundred percent quality - all of these features are second nature to us. For over 30 years we have continued to be a reliable partner of the cosmetic industry.

Emergence of your nail and lipstick stands

Select from our range the nail or lipstick form of your choice. We shall be please to advise you in the design of your own form, which would then be reserved for you alone.

Just send us a sample of the original color. We will develop individually for you a color mix in plastic and produce a pilot quantity, to be approved by you. After your approval this color mix in plastic will be available for your future requirements.